Adrian Urlacher

Adrian’s experience in the industry and go-getter attitude drives the MRC machine. Combine this with his prowess for team leading, media know how and genuine knack at relationship building; Adrian is a unique blend of skilled savvy with a deftness for conceptualizing all things creative.

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Jay Lawrence

Do you like picture movies? Jay likes picture movies, especially when they look pretty. Our award winning videographer specializes in all things production from directing and cinematography to audio engineering and video editing.

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Natalie Alexandre
Planner Extraordinaire

Natalie is the president and founder of Natalie Christine Events Incorporated, a wedding and event planning company based in Calgary, Alberta. Natalie worked in the service industry for 5 years in a role where she was often responsible for planning and organizing high volume corporate events. After gaining substantial experience in the field, Natalie was inspired to establish her own company that thoughtfully curates and personalizes a wide range of events. Natalie’s scope of service is diverse and includes weddings and bridal affairs, as well as event services in music, sports and politics. Natalie is well connected across a wide range of industries and is able to call upon the best the city has to offer for venues, decor and entertainment. Natalie has an instinctive eye for detail, a professional assertiveness, and a keen awareness of time and cost efficiency that will make your vision come to life in a way that exceeds your expectations. 


Locke Vincent
Video / Content / Copywriting

If it is content you are after Locke is the wizard. An award winning director, producer, and writer he will weave a wonderful story on his keyboard and take what is in your brain and transform it into something exciting.

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Ryan Townend

When it comes to understanding business, Ryan is the guy. Being a successful entrepreneur owning his own marketing agency, Ryan understands the role of marketing in achieving business objectives. There is a science in developing a company’s marketing plan and brand and Ryan has that science down to an art. So whether it be consulting with a global giant on launching a local initiative or a start up looking for their first logo, Ryan is the guy to call in to set the marketing stage. Business Owner. Public Speaker. Published Author. TV Celebrity. All around smart guy to have in your back pocket.

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Peggy Urlacher
Business Development

Peggy Urlacher has over 25 years’ experience in Television Media Sales and Management. Her diverse client base has created a valued network of business professionals. Peggy has been and continues to be very involved in the arts and service clubs in Calgary- Past President of Elevate Canadian Progress Women’s Charter Club, Board Member Art Gallery of Calgary, Board Member -For the Love of Children Society of Alberta, Art-Ale- Carte and Chair for numerous charity fundraisers. Her volunteer work has taken her to Peru, India, Cost Rica, Nepal and Africa and provided opportunities to work with many organizations. A common thread has led her to The Morning Roast as Business Development Representative, a passion for providing marketing solutions and the creative elements that make campaigns stand out.


It all starts with a passion. It is the passion for new ideas and the relentless pursuit to make them a reality that drives Jason. We can change the world. It is important to dream, but always have a plan.

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HAWK Design & Creative

HAWK is a team (Alyssa Kelle and Willis Hoff) delivering design and creative in the Calgary context.

More important than their ability to capture the attention of the audience is their ability to shut-up and listen. 

HAWK's professional background focuses on three distinct areas of expertise - written communications, graphic design and usability. They went to school for this stuff and they live it everyday. They're the real deal, and they want to work for you.

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